About Tarndair

Who we are and what we do!

DollyWe had shared our lives with Smooth Vizslak since1994 and were totally captivated by 'Wires' in 2002 when we came across the breed during a visit to Crufts. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity of owning our first Wirehaired Vizsla puppy in 2004 and we have never looked back!

Mille of Riyel at Tarndair (Flo) came to share our lives in 2004 and she has introduced us to the breed first hand. She is the most intelligent, sweet-tempered dog that we have ever lived with and this has encouraged us to explore the breed further.

We made the decision to breed our first litter in 2008 and Flo produced eight gorgeous puppies. During our search for the right Sire, we were introduced to the 'extended Wirehaired Vizsla' network that surrounds this breed and we have become even more captivated by the way this breed touches all that share their lives with them.

One of that very special first litter still lives with us here in North Norfolk - Tarndair Mulberry (Dolly), and she has all the character traits and good looks of both her Dam and Sire Leiborschy Wilfek.

Gamekeeper David Barker of TarndairOur dogs are our family pets first and foremost and live in our home - we have two young children who adore and are adored by our dogs. David is a part-time gamekeeper and runs a small private shoot on the land that surrounds our home. Both 'our Wires' work alongside David and both are proving to be excellent additions to this shoot.

Jane & David Barker
March 2010

Tarndair 2010

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