Meet Our Wires

Mille of Riyel at Tarndair (Flo) and Tarndair Mulberry (Dolly)

  • Mille of Riyel at Tarndair (Flo)

    Mille of Riyel at Tarndair (Flo)

    DoB: 27/09/04
    Morehay Golden Jubilee x Casabamba Chola

    Flo is the reason we are so ‘hooked’ on Wires!  She is first and foremost our family pet and lives harmoniously with our dogs & cats.  She has the most amazing temperament and is a really gentle soul.  The most intelligent and extraordinary dog we have ever lived with. Flo works throughout the shooting season along side David who is a part time Game Keeper.  She is a great steady bitch and extremely versatile – she is a fine example of a HWV – a wide ranging hunter, a steady pointer and an excellent and reliable retriever of feather and fur. Flo is hip scored.

  • Tarndair Mulberry (Dolly)

    Tarndair Mulberry (Dolly)

    DoB: 11/11/08
    Leiborschy Wilfek x Millie of Riyel at Tarndair

    Dolly is so like her Dam in that she has inherited Flo’s amazing temperament and intelligence.  She is a very ‘happy go lucky’ dog who is also full of mischief!  She gets her good looks and perfect wire coat from her Sire Leiborschy Wilfek.  David and Dolly are currently attending a 12 month HPR training programme (theory and practical based) and she is already demonstrating all the instincts that come so naturally to this breed – a real star in the making! Dolly is hip scored.

Tarndair 2010

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