Tarndair Planned Litters

We are delighted to announce an expected litter in early september from a recent repeat mating of Leiborschy Wilfek x Mille of Ryiel at Tarndair.

Leiborschy Wilfek

Leiborschy Wilfek
DOB: 28/12/05
hip Score: 4/4
Moricroft Methuen x Leiborschy Gwangiu

We were so delighted with the first litter that we bred in November 2008 using Leiborschy WilfeK  x Mille of Ryiel at Tarndair that we have decided to repeat that mating and are hopeful of puppies in Early September.


Millie of Riyel at Tarndair

Millie of Riyel at Tarndair
DOB: 27/09/04
Hip Score: 5/7
Morehay Golden Jubilee x Casabamba Chola

Tarndair 2010

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