Tarndair Working

Tarndair Wires at Work

Tarndair Wires at Work

  • HWVA SPT 25th April 2010

  • Many congratulations to Tarndair Elody (Maise) who on her first Spring Point Test was graded GOOD at the HWVA SPT on 25th April. We at Tarndair are very proud of both Maises's and Rachel's achievements so far!

  • Field Training Day – 22nd May 2010

  • HPR Training Course - January-December 2010

    David and Dolly are currently attending an HPR Training course run by Trevor Rigby. Whilst David has extensive knowledge and experience in this area, he is keen to develop further… Read more »

  • Working Tests- August 2009

  • Tarndair Elody (Maisy) - Took part in the Rough Hair Slovakian Pointer Working Test in August 2009 at the age of 10 months old and came 2nd out of 10 dogs! She also came 2nd in her first Retrieving Scurry at the Knebworth Country Show.

  • Tarndair ElodyTarndair Melody
  • Field Training - May 2009

    Approximately 25 Wires, the majority of which form part of the extended Leib family and the first ever Tarndair Litter, began to arrive from 9am… Read more »

  • Shot Over Day - January 2009

    January saw the first Leiborschy Shot Over Day in North Norfolk hosted by David & Jane Barker of Tarndair and by kind permission of  William Topham… Read more »

  • Leicester Square Shoot - January 2009

    It was with a great deal of excitement and not a little pride, our team of pickers up, presented themselves, in North Norfolk, on time for a Beaters Day, for the last shoot of the season… Read more »

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