Tarndair Working

HPR Training Course

January 2010

David and Dolly are currently attending an HPR training course run by Trevor Rigby.  Whilst David has extensive knowledge and experience in this area, he is keen to develop further.  Dolly has shown real skill in using her natural instinct and David is now keen to enhance this and ensure Dolly develops into a highly skilled dog.  The course is open to owners of all HPR breeds who are either new to shooting/working their dogs or to owners who wish to extend their current knowledge and skills further
The course covers many areas including principles and theory of HPR training.

  • Hunting patterns
  • Pointing work
  • Retrieving skills including dummy and cold game
  • Water work
  • Directional skills
  • Crop work

David and Dolly are both thoroughly enjoying this course and the added bonus is that every dog attending is a HWV including Dolly’s full litter sister Tarndair Elody (Maisy).

Tarndair 2010

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