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  • Rhian, Simon and William
    Theo (Tarndair Blairtarn)

  • Tarndair - what can we say? The scene was set from the moment we dropped the first email and Jane replied by phone 5 mins later. Having lost 2 fabulous dogs within the last 2 years we were a little bit nervous about adding a pup to our home but that first conversation convinced us that Tarndair was the right choice for us and, nearly 5 months on, we know it was the right choice. We first met Jane, David and the Boys 3 days after the initial call and they proved to be extremely hospitable and knowledgeable about WHVs and gave great guidance on how to raise a pup. To see Flo and Dolly as contented pets living as part of the family was very reassuring. That we descended on them with our 12 yr old smoothie as well was absolutely no trouble at all for them and, on leaving, we were relieved to be told that we had passed the Flo 'puppy vetting' test. Jane and David really encouraged us to visit again and we had a couple of further trips before finally picking Theo up, even taking my parents to see the newly borns on one trip. Again we were made to feel really welcome and the tea and cakes offered every time were very welcome. On picking Theo up Jane was, once again, totally professional with all aspects of the puppy handover process and we were presented with a fantastic socialised puppy, all relevant paperwork, puppy food, a piece of bedding and even 4 weeks insurance cover - in other words all the hard work was done which left us with only the puppy sitting to worry about - it couldn't have been easier. Theo settled into our home from the first minute he 'bowled' through the door and we could tell we had a content and happy pup, a real testament to the socialisation and happy family surroundings he had been brought up in at Jane and David's. Shortly after Theo arrived we needed some advice and dropped Jane an email, again, Jane was very quickly on the phone to us talking things through, giving some great guidance and advice which really worked. Overall we feel we could not have chosen a better place to get our pup from, we have a fantastic addition to our family, have met a lovely family in our favourite part of the country, it could not have been better. A massive thanks to Jane, David and the Boys for making the whole experience a real pleasure and for giving us a fantastic companion to share the coming years with."
  • Terry & Ness Woodcock-Dennis
    Tarndair Willowburn (Winnie)

  • "From the beginning of our vizsla journey, we were impressed by the wealth of information on Jane and Davids website. When we telephoned Jane, we immediately knew that she was the right breeder for us. Jane gave us detailed information on the breed and the breeding process, with realistic information to prepare us with realistic expectation in raising a viszla. Throughout our experience, we have realised the importance of building a relationship with the breeder, to ensure smooth transition for the pups and the mum and for ourselves and Jane. Jane and David have been so supportive throughout each step in our selection of a puppy, and continue to support us with information now Winnie is home."
  • Caroline & Charlie
    Tarndair Capetarn (Maisie)

  • "As first time puppy owners we consider ourselves very lucky to have found Jane, David and Flo (our puppy's mum). From the first phone call we knew we had found the right breeder. Jane's enthusiasm for her dogs was infectuous, and if we weren't convinced of the Hungarian wirehaired Vizsla being the breed for us, then we most certainly were after our first chat.Before we even saw the pups we knew we wanted a Tarndair "wire", and after being vetted by David, and most importantly, Flo, we were delighted to discover a little girl would be ours. Our puppy Maisie is a wonderful, confident, affectionate and happy little girl, and this I attribute to Jane and Davids diligent attention to providing the best care and home to their brood. And this continues on now all the pups are in their new homes - Jane and David are on hand to offer support and advice 24/7. We are in contact with the other lucky puppy people, which provides invaluable support and gives us the opportunity to share our experiences. I would recommend Tarndair to anyone who is interested in a Wirehaired Vizsla.......we are already thinking about our next puppy!"
  • Kate Polak
    Tarndair Quest (Noah)

  • "We knew when we first went to see the puppies, that we had come to the right place. The warmth of the welcome that we received from Jane and David was as much a part of our decision, as was the beautiful, watchful Flo, and her sleepy bundle of puppies. Jane really knew her dogs, and told us that Noah was the most laid-back puppy in the litter. She has definitely been proved right; he is as gentle and affectionate a dog as we could have wished for. Noah is our first dog, and I am recovering from a long illness, so it was a big undertaking in every way. Jane has supported us every step of the way – the perfect “puppy grandmother” on the end of the phone, coming to visit, inviting the pups back for a Field Training Day, and even having Noah to stay for a weekend. Noah has become a very special addition to our family – and I feel I can say that Jane and David have become our friends."
  • Tim Branney
    Tarndair Phoenix (Phoenix)

  • "After some years of deciding between breeds and breeders we arrived at Tarndair and knew that our search was finally at an end. Tarndair Phoenix has not only met, and now far exceeded all of our expectations for the breed, but was, from the very start, the most confident and wonderfully well socialised puppy you could ever meet thanks to Jane & David's dedication to their litters' upbringing. Being owned by a Tarndair puppy has also allowed us to become part of an extended HWV litter family and Jane & David's continual ongoing support & advice has been invaluable. They are owners and breeders of the utmost integrity, with the welfare of their dogs and the breed in general at the forefront of their minds, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tarndair to anyone interested in Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas."
  • Sue Davies & Charlie Merivale
    Tarndair Coco (Thirza)

  • "Tarndair Coco has become a key personality in our blended family. The vetting process was unusual. It was not a case of our inspecting the puppies, but more Jane and David, the children, the puppies, and definitively, Flo (the dame), inspecting us. These were puppies reared in a home, not in kennels, or a house, but in a home; every effort was made to ensure that they went on to homes. Subsequently, it came as a wonderful surprise to find that we have become extended members of that family and partners in the community of Flo's pups. Many of us have returned 'home' and I hope will continue to do so. Any puppy news is circulated amongst the community and vicarious delight is taken in the success of the others. We were provided with a comprehensive puppy pack, and a telephone help line, in event of difficulty. Any assistance we sought was enthusiastically and solicitously given. Our vet observed that she has been wonderfully well bred and that every care had been taken in her upbringing. Tarndair Coco was the best dog of the litter and is OURS; however we understand that every owner thinks that theirs was the best. She is very healthy, marvellously gentle, and everything and more than we could have hoped for. If we had time and space, it would be a treat to have another of Flo's pups."
  • Diane Parry of Leiborschy
    Stud dog owner (paternal grandma)

  • "Jane, David and Flo have done a marvellous job and one they should be very proud of. I only wish ALL breeders would put the time, passion and committment into breeding that they have. First time breeders or not, they rate amongst the best I know in how they have handled the whole experience and Mallard and I are very pleased to be associated with Tarndair. Take care of those precious babies and please do spare a thought for  Jane and David amongst your excitement of collection. When you have invested so much emotional time into the puppies it is very hard to let go - I STILL cry!"

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